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(2) Servo Controlled Voltage Stabiliser (Motorised Type)
BBPCS SERVO VOLTAGE STABILISERS are an effective solution to the problem of voltage fluctuation. They are designed to give a stabilized output within 1 % of the preset voltage level adjustable between 225V and 235V from the front panel. These Servo Stabilizers contain a motorized auto-transformer which bucks or boosts input supply to give a stabilized output. A solid state control circuit ensures error free operation. The output waveform is completely distortion free and the regulation is independent of the load values and the power factor. Various models are available corresponding to different input/output and KVA ratings.

Input : 130/160/180 to 270 Volts
Output: 230 ± 1 % (Adjustable between 225 and 235 Volts)
Phase: Single   &     Frequency : 47-53 Hz
Wave-form Distortion : Nil
Efficiency : Greater that 95 %
Line Regulation: ± 1 %   &    Load Regulation : ± 1 %
Overload Capacity : 120 % for 30 Seconds
Induced Voltage between     : Nil

• Fast rate of correction greater than 35V/Sec.
• More than 95% efficiency.
• Rigid quality control ad testing standards conforming to IS 9815-1981.
• Plug-in type control card for easy serviceability.
• Visual warning against extreme input voltages.
• Automatic and Manual operation with front-panel controls (optional) .

BBPCS Servo Stabilisers of different KVAs and I/P, O/P specifications can be supplied on order.
Optional Features:
• Automatic High/Low Output Voltage Cutout facility with Manual Reset.
• Line-noise Transient Suppression Network.
• Audio Alarm at extreme input voltages.
• Extended Voltage Range : 160-260V/160-280V/180-300V/150-300V.
• Overload and Short-Circuit Protection.
Typical Applications:
Protections of a range of following equipment against voltage fluctuations.
• Micro, Mini and Mainframe Computers.
• Plain Paper Copiers.
• Communication equipment including EPABX, RAX, FAX.
• Radio Transmitters, Telex Machines and Tele-printer etc.
• Medical equipment like X-rays, Intensive Care Units.
• Computerized Tread Mills and Scanners.
• Process Control and Analytical Instruments like Spectrophotometers, Electric Gas Chromatographs and HPCL etc.
• Production and testing equipment like Wave Soldering Machines, Pattern Generators etc.
• Any other sophisticated electronic and electric equipment.