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BBPCS Online UPS is designed for highly sensitive electronic/electrical equipments to ensure the continuous power supply without any interruption of power. This product is specially designed for medical equipments, petrol pumps, internet server equipments and other power sensitive equipments to provide uninterrupted power supply.

Capacity :        20KVA, 10KVA, 5KVA, 3KVA, 2KVA, 1KVA
Technology:    IGBT based PWM Technology
Efficiency:       UPS > 85%AC to DC > 90%
Phase:              Single / Double / Three.
Cooling :          Forced Air
Frequency:      50 Hz. +/- 2%.   
Input Voltage :160 V AC -to- 280 V AC / 310 V.AC -to- 484 V.AC.
Output Voltage : 230 V AC + -1% Load Variation of 50% to 100%
Wave Form : Sine Wave.
Overload : 125% for 1 minute
Duty : Continuous.

(a) Provides backup supply to Computers, EPABX and Medical Equipment without loss of data.
(b) Constant Voltage, Current & Frequency with Isolated Output.
(c) Solid state switching.
(d) Robust Battery Charger.
(e) Compact Size.

Special Applications :
(i)For Petrol Pumps
     For One Nozzle Diesel & One Nozzle Petrol
     For Two Nozzle Diesel & Two Nozzle Petrol
(ii) All Types Of Dental Equipments.
(iii) All Types Of Medical Instruments & Electronic Equipments.
*Customized Product can be provided as per the requirement.