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BBPCS Home UPS is specially designed for house hold and office use. The plain home UPS uses MOSFET & TTL technology, which ensure the safety of your house hold goods and the sine wave home ups is microcontroller based UPS which ensures the smooth running of UPS & it is pollution free.

Capacity: 2000VA, 1400VA, 800VA, 400VA, 250VA & CFL
Wave Form : Plain, Sine wave

(a) Compatible for Computers, Fax, EPABX, etc.
(b) PWM Mosfet technology.
(c) Cold Start Facility : The UPS should be able to start directly on Battery in the absence of Mains Supply.
(d) 3 millisecond transfer time.
(e) Built in cooling (A/N) arrangement.
(f) Compact construction / easy to carry.
(g) Easy installation (just plug-in).